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"This enthralling tale not only entertains but educates..."

Following the remarkable rise of Clyde Barbour, this enthralling tale not only entertains but educates, providing valuable insights into seizing opportunities and navigating life's complex paths.

"I was roped into the story from the very first page..."

I was roped into the story from the very first page and didn't want to put it down. Barbours Cut has a great combination of rags-to-riches story, suspense, romance, humor, real human emotion,...

Barbours Cut

About the book

In Barbours Cut, novelist Nancy E. Potter has combined family lore, documented facts, and her expansive imagination to create this largely factual, fascinating story of her great-grandparents’ lives. Potter’s great-grandfather, Clyde A. Barbour started out as a determined young man with boundless ambition, living and working on his family’s flatboat on the Mississippi River, and became a steamboat captain; a cultured, self-educated man with a passion for architecture, design, and the arts; and a driven, astute, extremely successful businessman and pioneer of American industry and development. With his beloved wife, Jennie, by his side, he built a life for his growing family that provided them with opportunities and life experiences even beyond what he had imagined. Barbour also dealt with significant life challenges including family alcoholism, infidelity, jealousy and many dangerous situations, such as dealing with Mexican revolutionaries. He enhanced the lives of many of those around him, as well as many he had never met.

Riverboat captain Clyde A. Barbour’s early life on the Mississippi River calls to mind the adventures of that most famous riverboat pilot, Mark Twain. Like Twain, Capt. Barbour envisioned a life for himself far beyond the river’s reach.


An engaging story of love and sheer will…

If Clyde Barbour had his way in 1893 at 19 years of age, he would be off his father’s flatboat and in college, but his father still needed his help with the family trading business drifting down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers; even so, he was able to propel himself to building thriving enterprises with operations not only in the U.S. but also in Europe and Mexico.

Barbours Cut is based on Clyde’s story. Later known as Capt. Clyde Barbour, he lived a life of adventure and intrigue, including a public horsewhipping, a near-deadly run-in with Pancho Villa (the Mexican revolutionary), an affair with a glamorous French opera singer, and a lifelong struggle to protect and uplift the lives of both his serial-philanderer brother and his alcoholic father. 

Almost a century following his death, portions of the Houston Ship Channel continue to bear his name (Barbours Cut and Barbours Terminal) and another of his legacies, Oaklawn Manor on Bayou Teche in Franklin, LA, still stands in the grandeur to which he restored it.

The author, Nancy Potter, is Capt. Barbour’s great-granddaughter. In her richly detailed period piece, her vivid descriptions and relatable characters make for a delightful read.

Barbours Cut is an engaging story of love and sheer will – the love of women, business, art, and architecture and the sheer will to forge the life Clyde had envisioned since he was a boy living on a flatboat. Barbours Cut will keep you engrossed, wanting more, and eager to read the sequel.



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NOW Available on Amazon