“Nancy Potter’s recounting of the lives of her great-grandparents recreates the bayous of Louisiana and the boardrooms of New York City in such detail that it will captivate and inspire you.”
— Mrs. Alice Foster, Former First Lady of Louisiana

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- The literary world turned its attention to the St. Regis Hotel in Houston last week, where a grand book launch party celebrated the newest bestseller on Amazon, 'Barbours Cut: Beyond the RIver's Reach'. Penned by the talented Nancy E. Potter, the novel offers readers an intimate journey through the remarkable achievements of Clyde Barbour, a figure who transformed not only the Houston Ship Channel but significantly advanced the industry standards for Carbon Black production and much more.

The soiree brought together leaders from the arts and business communities. It was evident from the enthusiasm in the room how impactful Clyde Barbour's story is for so many, and the masterful way Potter has woven his story into an engaging narrative. It also featured a preview video that highlights significant events in this acclaimed historical novel: Barbours Cut Preview

'Barbours Cut: Beyond the RIver's Reach' sets itself apart in the world of historical fiction. Going beyond mere facts, the book paints an evocative picture of a visionary entrepreneur's life and legacy. From the momentous transformation of the Houston Ship Channel, ensuring its pivotal role in global trade, to innovative improvements in Carbon Black yields, which have since become industry standards, Clyde Barbour's indomitable spirit comes alive in the pages of this masterfully written book.

"It's been a passion project to uncover and highlight the nuances of Clyde's journey," shared Nancy E. Potter, her voice filled with emotion as she addressed attendees at the event. "The challenges, the triumphs, the innovations – 'Barbours Cut: Beyond the River's Reach' is as much a testament to Clyde Barbour's genius as it is a mirror to the relentless spirit of progress that defines Houston."

Guests at the St. Regis were treated to a night of elegance, with readings from the book, lively discussions, and a firsthand opportunity to have their copies signed by Potter.

Given the early acclaim and reception 'Barbours Cut: Beyond the River's Reach' has received, it's no surprise to see it ascend the ranks to become an Amazon bestseller. The novel is more than a historical recount; it's an inspiration that challenges the boundaries of what's possible, reminding us of the trailblazers who have paved the way for modern progress.

'Barbours Cut: Beyond the River's Reach' is available for purchase on Amazon and all major bookstores. Buy Now.

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